Smack–That Was Gooood!

A while back, I spied a Carolina Anole, Anolis carolinensis, skulking about in a Star Jasmine Vine, Trachelospermum jasminoides. He was trying to avoid notice by me and it looked like he had something in his mouth.

Yup, that’s a beetle or some other small prey, lodged in the smacking maw of the Anole.

It’s not clear from the photo exactly what he was eating, but partaking in a meal was definitely happening with this dude. Whatever he ate must have been tasty, judging from the look on his face.  He looks content and

He’s probably still hunting prey in my garden, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being part of Wildlife Wednesday, celebrated on the first Wednesday of each month by garden bloggers who love attracting and observing wild critters in their gardens.  Please join in on Wednesday, May 6 to share your photos and stories about wildlife in your gardens.

Anoles Abound

They’re baaaaack! Lovers of the warm seasons in the southern United States, my resident Carolina anole, Anolis carolinensis, lizards have emerged from winter dormancy.

I rescued this guy from my boy cat, Nuri,

…who’s (thankfully) is not much of a hunter, instead preferring to carry anoles around in his mouth, yowling all the while.  It’s quite a trick caterwauling while transporting frightened lizards between his teeth and I’m not altogether sure how he creates those sounds while holding onto his little captives.  Nuri typically drops the not-really-doomed reptiles as soon as he sees that I’ve spotted him with his gift.  Of course, I have to compliment Nuri with a Good kitty! as I scoop up the panting prey to relocate to a safer, cat-free spot.

This smaller anole is brown-er on the trunk of a tree,

…but transforms to green before my eyes.

He skittered off to an unknown hiding spot shortly afterward to complete his greening-up.

They would both like to remind gardeners to keep domestic cats indoors and to appreciate and foster a safe place for garden wildlife and on April 1st, no foolin’–get ready for Wildlife Wednesday.  Please post about wild happenings in your gardens to celebrate wildlife who need the gardens that we gardeners love.

Good wildlife gardening!!

Waiting For Rain

Waiting for rain.

We’re all just hanging out, lumbering through these last few weeks of true Texas summer and waiting for rain.  Like this little guy, a Carolina anole, Anolis carolinensis.

He appears to me as if he’s expecting raindrops to cascade down the rain chain–any moment now!   Along with the rest of us summer-weary Texans, he would love it if some of the wet stuff would break the Texas August heat and end our summer doldrums.

In 2011, during the record-breaking drought and high temperatures of that hellish summer, we suffered through almost 100 days of over 100 degree temperatures.  That summer, I once saw an anole creep up to a dripping planter after I had hand watered.  The little anole parked himself under planter and commenced licking the few drops of water.   Poor little guy– he was so thirsty and there was so little moisture in that garden, until the planter dripped. It was a simple but poignant reminder, underscoring to me the necessity of water to all: wildlife, plants, and people.

I’m sure this anole hasn’t searched much for moisture this summer as there was rain earlier, though not in the last month or so.

Maybe in addition to waiting for rain, he’s also waiting for Wildlife Wednesday?

September Wildlife Wednesday happens next Wednesday, September 3rd. Will there be rain and some cooler temperatures before then?  Stay tuned!

Wildlife Wednesday.  Join in and post about those wild critters, looking for rain or not, who visit and live in your gardens.

September and its promise of cooler temperatures, more regular precipitation, and softer days is almost here.