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Lush Life

Joseph has a pretty good life.


Sitting comfy on a bed, er, wagon, of succulents, he keeps a keen eye on things for me in the back garden.

When not snoozing, he scolds the squirrels, dodges bird poop, and gives advice.

He thinks he’s the under gardener.  Often, the plants are unruly, though Joseph never is.


Spring brings blooms to Joseph’s wagon,

Sedum tetractinum ‘Coral Reef’

Sedum diffusum ‘Potosinum’


Spring brings bliss to Joseph–look at that contented grin.  He is a happy gnome and really, would you want any other kind?.


This guy could take a page out of Joseph’s book–he grimaces as he sits in his less-than-succulent home.

Maybe he’ll chill when his succulents fill in.


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