Crowning Glory

Winter Texans have arrived in Central Texas.  They’re here in the form of seed and insect munching, delightfully feather-sporting, song-singing warblers.  I’m in warbler-watching nirvana because these birds are such pretties: tiny and colorful, sweet-faced and dulcet-voiced, warbler-watching provides great entertainment as I observe their bird business in the trees, at the perennials, and along the pathways.

I’m enjoying suet and peanuts visits from a female Orange-crowned Warbler, Leiothlypis celata, and recently, this little Yellow-rumped Warbler, Setophaga coronata, has joined in with some autumn/winter decoration of my garden.

Her cheery cap is charming and that flash of sunshine under the wings?  It positively swoon worthy!  Her little face is darling, too.

But(t) the crowning glory is–drum roll–her yellow bum.

Affectionately called Butter Butts  by avid birders, Yellow-rumped warblers’ show of their lemony rear-ends appears when they’re flying and when hunting for seeds on the ground.

Celebrating cute bird bums, I’m happy to join with Anna and her Wednesday Vignette–check out other colorful butts or perhaps less bottom-centric garden musings for today.

16 thoughts on “Crowning Glory

    • Me too! I so enjoy watching the little warblers. Lucky you to have a Kinglet. I enjoyed several in the past few years, though last year, my garden was Kinglet-less. I missed having one–hope one hangs out here this year.

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    • I spotted a Yellow-rump darting from the ground to a neighbor’s Live Oak tree just a few days before I was privileged with the visits to my garden. Indeed, it was the flashes of yellow–wing and rump–which alerted me to their settling in for winter.

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