Hear My Tweets!

It’s not what you think.

There’s always that one who looks at life differently!

Cedar Waxwings, Bombycilla cedrorum, gather in a circle at the bath and eagerly await to hear from Dear Leader.

Dear Leader arrives and takes the podium, followers bow.

Fellow Waxwings listen raptly to Dear Leader’s tweets, cheeps, chirps: So let it be tweeted, so let it be done.

Are the waxwings organizing something nefarious, or is Dear Leader simply imparting directions for the water feature visit? Considering the amount of waxwing poop the hordes of beautiful birds leave behind, the two goals might be the same.

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29 thoughts on “Hear My Tweets!

  1. I have to amend my reply to your post. Just a few hours later I walked by the window and saw a large flock of Waxwings stripping the last holly with berries. A Robin had been guarding the bush for weeks and even chased off a Mockingbird, but the Waxwings out numbered him.


  2. Cedar Waxwings are divine, so handsome they seem to be hand painted with all the gorgeous colors and stains they have, I love them. Tina what an imagination you have. I have laughed a lot with your story and looking at the photos it is as if I saw them do what you said in the story: I love it, it is magnificent, I had a great time and I keep smiling. Your photos are fantastic and divine. Take good care of yourself and your husband, and keep yourself safe. My Mother and I send you an affectionate hug. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.


      • Tina tell the leader to make a meeting to wear diapers so they won’t stain with the poop !!! 🐦💩🤣 hahahaha. Very handsome but very dirty, boys and girls with poop !!!! 🧐 Sorry for the joke, but the story made me laugh a lot and I followed her. Tina I wish you the best.Take care. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.


  3. I was hoping to find you’d posted today. Have you been watching the trial? I’m in this mix of exhaustion and amped up that feels reminiscent of the angst teenagers know in their hearts is fruitless.


    • Agreed!! Anna, I can’t comment on your Flutter and Hum. In these past weeks, your posts came across with both Flutter and The Creative Flux and that’s the one I seem to be able to comment on. Just know that I’ll keep reading, even if I can’t comment. 😦

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  4. I’d gladly take the poop to have the waxwings. I’ve not seen a single one this year, although the robins have been compensation. I noticed that your group seems to have all yellow tail-tips. Have you seen any with the orange? As I recall, orange tips on the tails are a sign of snacking on honeysuckle. Lucky you, to have so many visiting!


    • Last year, I only saw one CWW–each year is different, this year is a flood! Yes, I’ve seen one with orange-tipped tail, though it was few years ago. Scroll towards the end: https://mygardenersays.com/2019/03/07/mob/

      One of the shots I tried to get on Tuesday (when it was raining CWW) was the group at the same bird bath as in this post, with one male Robin in attendance. He took off before I could capture the shot, but it was cute. I’ve only seen thie one(?) Robin, but hope to see more. Stay warm, we’re technically below freezing at the moment. Ugh, I’m going to lose some beloved plants.

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  5. Beautiful pics of a beautiful bird. I think that are so most stream lined ( my definition of them) bird. Every feather is in place and they almost seem artificial. Such beauty! They are ravenous little things and eat the berries as if there is no tomorrow. Each year, I have them in my yard stripping the Japanese ligustrum of its berries. I have at least 4 huge ligustrums and you can bet that the waxers left blue stain in just about all parts of my yard.


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