A bevy of beautiful birds are noshing in the garden.

Three males and a female enjoying lunch.

Lesser GoldfinchesSpinus psaltria, come and go throughout the year, but I can set my calendar by their appearance in the garden buffet during autumn when the Plateau Goldeneye, Viguiera dentata, are creating seeds.

After all, that’s how the plants and the birds rock-n-roll with one another: seeds are produced at the end of flowering and for the nourishment of the birds, and the birds, in turn, spread the seeds to other places to grow, bloom, seed. It’s an ancient complementary relationship and one worthy of watching and appreciating.


19 thoughts on “Munchies

  1. No golden eye here, but it’s high season for another ripening fruit that will feed a different bird — more on that later. I absolutely adore the goldfinches, but haven’t seen (or heard) any yet this fall. On the other hand, a week ago Sunday, and last Thursday (?) there were great flocks of white pelicans wheeling into town. I love watching them as they come in, circling and circling while they decide where to set down. I’m hoping our big road construction project won’t keep them from their normal perch along the bay — but there are plenty of other places for them to hang out.


    • I’ve also seen American goldfinches, Carolina wrens (though I think they’re in it for the insects), and House finches. Good luck in your hunt–get some shots!!


  2. Hi Tina,
    I’m holding out for Bohemian waxwings here – something I’ve never seen because they rarely make it down to the south west, but Oxford is a better bet. It’s a good year for rowan berries so fingers crossed. Just starting to write my research project proposal, looking at road verge invertebrates and how verges could be managed for wildlife. I will be certain to mention Austin’s wildflower verges!


  3. I love this! We don’t have the Lesser Goldfinches, but they are cuties. I love watching Goldfinches feeding on seeds. Here their favorite is Cup Plant, but they’ll eat seeds from a variety of other plants.


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