A Calendar of Gardening Blog Memes

When I began preparing to host a garden blogging meme, I only knew of a couple of memes and didn’t realize how many active garden blogging memes there are.   I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Memes are fun!  Memes promote a sense of community and nurture the artistic and scientific aspects of gardening and related interests.  Garden memes are educational. I guess I must have said something about how many gardening memes exist in the blogosphere to The Husband and Tech Support guy and, well, he developed a widget, (ahem, with my help), that I can now add to my blog as a link to a list of currently active garden blogging memes. The debut of the Calendar of Garden Blogging memes is today!  On my homepage, if you scroll down a bit and look to the right, you’ll see a the lovely native Texan Goldeneye which, when you click on it, will bring you to this page. There may be other active blogging memes that I missed and that are not on this list: no slight is intended–I’ve included the memes I know about and that are currently active. If you know of other active garden blogging memes, please don’t hesitate to contact me with the pertinent information, either through the handy-dandy little blue envelope (the one that says, contact me), or through the comments section. Happy meme-ing!

Below is a list of current garden blog memes and their dates, the hosts, and their websites :

Date Name Description URL Sponsor
Mondays In a Vase on Monday Showcasing flowers from gardeners’ gardens http://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/ Cathy Lyon-Green
Wednesdays Wednesday Vignette Showcasing interesting photos and/or ideas https://flutterandhum.wordpress.com/ Anna
Wednesdays Wordless Wednesday Showcasing photos, no text None
Fridays Floral Friday Fotos Showcasing flower photos
Saturdays Six on Saturdays Showcasing six special plants https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/ Mr J
7th of the Month Tree Following Showcasing a chosen tree, monthly https://squirrelbasket.wordpress.com/tree-following/ Pat English
15th of Month Bloom Day Showcasing current blooming plants http://www.maydreamsgardens.com Carol Michel
First Wednesday Wildlife Wednesday Showcasing garden wildlife http://www.mygardenersays.com Tina Huckabee
Fourth Wednesday Wildflower Wednesday Showcasing wildflowers & native plants http://www.clayandlimestone.com Gail Eichelberger
Monthly Top Ten (Monthly) Blooms Showcasing ten best blooms of each month https://thebloominggarden.wordpress.com/ Chloris
End of Month Through the Garden Gate Showcasing gardens throughout each month https://downbytheseadorset.blogspot.com/ Sarah
End of Month End of Month Views Showcasing gardens at end of month https://glebehouse.wordpress.com/ Steve
Odd Months 21st-25th Street Plant Bloggers Showcasing plants found in urban settings http://hjsmiscellaneousstuff.blogspot.com/ Hollis
Quarterly Lessons Learned Showcasing lessons learned in the garden http://plantpostings.blogspot.com/ Beth Stetenfeld
Quarterly Seasonal Celebrations Showcasing seasonal change in the garden http://gardenseyeview.com/ Donna

If you would like to add this widget,

to your blog, follow these directions:

Copy and paste the following html in the appropriate admin section of your blog :

54 thoughts on “A Calendar of Gardening Blog Memes

    • I hope it helps. I’m fairly sure there are other garden memes out there that I missed, so I hope bloggers will kindly forward links to me if I don’t have it.


  1. Done and done. Thank you very much! I sort of doubt I’ll throw in with many more memes than the two I already follow, but who knows? I could wake up one morning after a visit from the Organization Fairy and potentially manage a whole new approach to blogging. In the meantime it is always fun to see what’s coming up next, meme-wise. You and your hub are great to share.


    • That’s the thing about memes–they’re fun and (for me, anyway) lend a certain structure to monthly planning. I will say that participating in the 3 memes that I do, forces me to pay closer attention to those subjects in my garden. So, enjoy at whatever level you choose!


    • I agree! I couldn’t get myself organized enough to join your GBFD this past weekend, but I will another month. I think there are some other memes that I need to add as well.


  2. Hi Tina
    Just discovered this via May Dreams – thank you so much for prompting my meme and it probably explains why there has been an increase in participants lately.


  3. And I have only just discovered this from Helen the Patient Gardener’s blog – and with a bit of twiddling have managed to add the logo to my blog Thanks for the link, what a great idea!


  4. Thanks for pulling this list together. I have (after several false starts) added the widget to my blog. It is so helpful in seeing what others are doing in their gardens throughout the year.


  5. Hi Tina
    I was thinking I might do a widget badge for the End of Month View but have no idea how to go about it – any tips?


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  7. Thank you very much for this summary Tina. I have added the Widget to my site to remind myself… maybe I’ll get round to joining in a few more memes that way. 😉


    • Hi Cathy! You are most welcome and I hope it’s helpful. I really enjoy participating with various memes–I wish I had the time to add more, but that’s the beauty of blogging, isn’t it? One can participate at one’s comfort level.

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. Thanks very much for including Looking Good my new Friday Blogging Event in your list Tina. I’m delighted to say that WordPress are promoting it too. I think we could have some fun with this and include all sorts of garden/allotment related posts. Thanks again Gillian x


  10. Great information, thank you so much for putting it all in one place. It’s definitely nice to feel a part of something bigger and turns the blog community into more of a conversation. -Jim


      • Hi Tina, thank you ! Your blog is wonderful too ! Is there a list of all the people/blogs that are ” members” of the meme calendar ?


      • Well, no, I don’t think so. I would assume (though I haven’t checked) that anyone who has a meme, more than likely has taken the widget and advertises through the widget and calendar. But there are probably bloggers who have the widget simply because, like me, they’d like to advertise garden blogging memes. Yours is a good question, though!


  11. Hi Tina, i’ve always joined in gardening memes, but as most said i always forget the dates or forget the meme, so this is very useful. However, i have not been doing the html way of putting it in the side bar, so i don’t know how to put it in. By the way, in the past i’ve always depended on meme-aholics which has listed also some memes for the whole week. There is Floral Friday Fotos and others, that i always link in. Thank you much.


  12. Hi Tina – I thought I’d refresh my blog look with your great calendar for the new year. But I don’t seem to be able to find the html link to copy and paste. Any tips – no rush, just if you have a moment to explain what I should do?


    • Hi Cathy–thanks for letting me know about this. It seems to be a glitch in the editor which (fingers-crossed!) has now been fixed. Try the link above and let me know! Happy New Year to you!


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