Wildlife Wednesdays

Until Wildlife Wednesday, there wasn’t a specific blogging day dedicated to the celebration of wildlife in the garden and I wanted to change that. I’ve invited enthusiastic garden bloggers everywhere to snap photos of the wild visitors in your gardens and then to join me on the first Wednesday of each month to share posts about those wild ones you encounter.  Photograph and write about any kind of wildlife that interests you.

I admire the many bloggers who have more patience (and probably a better camera) than I.  I’m frequently awed by the juxtaposition of the artful and the scientific displayed in gardening blogs.  Garden bloggers love sharing the beauty of wildlife in their gardens. We share what we’ve learned and experienced from our gardens because of our passion for gardening and the critters intrinsic to cycle of our gardens.

All garden bloggers dedicate some writing and photography to the furry, feathery, or scaly in their gardens.  Attracting wildlife to our gardens is partially why we garden isn’t it?  A garden is never so alive and vibrant than when it is graced by wildlife.

Otherwise, it’s not much of a garden.

Whether we’re particularly fond of insects, birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians of varying sorts, sustainable gardening requires encouraging wildlife in our gardens.   As habitat is disrupted and destroyed, the home gardener plays an increasingly important role in wildlife preservation through planting for pollinators, planting seed bearing trees and shrubs for birds and mammals, providing cover for protection and the rearing of young, and providing fresh water sources.  These are the goals that the National Wildlife Federation uses as the basis for establishing certified wildlife habitats.

This section of My Gardener Says…. is dedicated to Wildlife Wednesday posts. Monthly posts of each Wildlife Wednesday are accessed in the drop down menu, beginning with the first Wildlife Wednesday in July 2014.

Happy wildlife gardening!

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