My Philosophy of Gardening

Below, I’ve listed links to some past posts which explain well my philosophy of gardening and why I plant what I plant.  There are several goals of gardening that I strive to meet: planting for ecological diversity and year-round interest by utilizing native plants, planting for wildlife, and limiting water usage and reliance on chemicals.  The garden I’ve created and nurtured is a living garden, welcoming to a variety of insects, mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Oh yeah, gardening is fun too and promotes beauty in the world.

I’ve listed the links to these posts by title.


Gardening on the Land

Texas Native Plant Week

Texas Native Plant Week, 2015

Okay, It’s Not Entirely “No-Mow”

It’s Not All About The Flowers

Permanent Impermanence

The Living Garden

The Native Garden

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