Smack–That Was Gooood!

A while back, I spied a Carolina Anole, Anolis carolinensis, skulking about in a Star Jasmine Vine, Trachelospermum jasminoides. He was trying to avoid notice by me and it looked like he had something in his mouth.

Yup, that’s a beetle or some other small prey, lodged in the smacking maw of the Anole.

It’s not clear from the photo exactly what he was eating, but partaking in a meal was definitely happening with this dude. Whatever he ate must have been tasty, judging from the look on his face.  He looks content and

He’s probably still hunting prey in my garden, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being part of Wildlife Wednesday, celebrated on the first Wednesday of each month by garden bloggers who love attracting and observing wild critters in their gardens.  Please join in on Wednesday, May 6 to share your photos and stories about wildlife in your gardens.

13 thoughts on “Smack–That Was Gooood!

  1. Ha! Every other time I spot an anole in the garden these days it seems to have just finished some sort of lip smacking meal. At the rate they are eating, these originally lithe lizards are going to turn into lumbering lardos.


    • Ha! Lumbering lardos, indeed! They do have bounty to hunt this spring. I wish I could have taken the photos when more of his meal was showing, but the scamp kept dodging behind leaves. I though he looked quite self-satisfied once he downed his snack.


  2. Eating isn’t all they do in the garden. I caught pix of two locked in a warm embrace on the corner of a building the other day. More anoles.


    • Happy and full, though I imagine he’s constantly on the hunt. I love anoles too–they have such personality and really, who can resists that shade of green?

      I’m glad that you can see anoles on blogs when you can’t see them in real-time.


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