Not really hidden, the diminutive blooms of the Possumhaw Holly, Ilex decidua, must be looked for, found out, and paid attention to.  Tiny buds come first,

…before life-giving flowers open to a remarkable variety of insects.

There were few insects when I took this shot, as it’s been gloppy and drippy around here, but they’ll show up:  fluttering, crawling, consuming.

The blooms are not unseen for them.

I’m glad to join in today with Anna’s Flutter and Hum and her wonderful Wednesday Vignette.  Please pop over for garden, nature, and other musings.


Possumhaw Addendum

In my Possumhaw Holly Seasonal Look post of Friday, February 13, I mentioned that if the berries aren’t gobbled up by birds during winter, the new spring leaves sprout in tandem with the ripe berries and sometimes, with last season’s “adult” leaves.  Well, spring sprung this past weekend for my Possumhaw and here’s a look at those new leaves and their berry companions–or maybe, it’s the other way ’round.IMGP5402.new



I’ve seen plenty of Cedar Waxwings flitting about, preening themselves in trees and there are always Blue Jays and Mockingbirds in my gardens, so I’m not quite sure why there hasn’t been more of a run, or swoop, on the berries.  I’m confident though, that the luscious fruits will be consumed in the next few weeks and the Possumhaw can begin its next year of life and production.