Are You Coming To The Party?

It’s been a year since Wildlife Wednesday debuted as a regular garden blogging meme and we’re celebrating this Wednesday, July 1 with another installment of wild things in the garden. The anoles are ready to party and check out what might be available for noshing.

As they make their way to the event, please get your camera and stories ready to wow wildlife gardeners everywhere with sightings, identifications, and musings about the importance of biodiversity and the living garden!

We are wild bunch!

Wildlife Wednesday.  July 1.  Hope you can make it!!

14 thoughts on “Are You Coming To The Party?

  1. Hi Tina, I am still making the rounds to the bloggers who left comments on my GBBD post. I enjoyed reading your posts up to your bloom day one. Yes, it is fun to see what plants we have in common, and the ones we don’t. How cool to have anoles!


    • Thanks, Sue! The anoles are the most charming little garden buddies–we have many of them! Maybe you can post for Wildlife Wednesday? I’d love to see what wild critters you have in your garden.


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