Compost Is Pretty Too

Gardens are pretty.

Flowers are pretty.

Foliage is pretty.

A compost bin  is pretty, too.  Especially when adorned with Passion Vine, Passiflora caerulea.

I planted the vine on the other side of the lattice, planning for coverage of some, if not all, of the wooden lattice, to limit the view of the compost bin from the garden.


Alas, Garden Fates formulated other ideas.  First, this guy,

…dug up one of the two Passion Vine plants.  Several times.  Afterwards, the surviving vine travel up the trellis and then over and along the top of the compost bin, rather than covering the front the side of the trellis, as I originally intended.

Okay, lushly foliaged and flowered fencing will not be. No matter. I’m not so set in my ways that I can’t be garden-flexible and I understand the plant’s need to reach for as much sunshine as possible.

Now as I dig out compost which is ready for the garden,

…and add organic waste for production of more of the same,

I pluck the creeping tendrils and redirect as necessary, while appreciating the lovely blooms,

…and the Gulf Fritillary butterflies who use this vine as their nursery.

Beautiful compost for beautiful plants.


16 thoughts on “Compost Is Pretty Too

    • The vines grow and the caterpillars eat! I’ve had vines end up as green skeletons, but they always come back. Except when the dog digs ’em up! I tried to get some photos of the fritillaries, as they are abundant now, but they fly too fast and are too easily startled. I lost patience!


  1. Love your owls. I’ve just made a compost bin using old palettes. I’m aiming to paint it a bright colour as I don’t see why it shouldn’t be a feature as well


    • That’s a great idea. I’ve seen wood pallets used as planters–painted and either laid flat or hung up, but using as a compost bin is brilliant!


  2. Such a simple and beautiful solution! I’ve sent hours thinking about how to hide my compost area and you solved it for me in a few minutes! Thank you.


  3. hahahaha I laughed out loud at the picture of your dog. He does look a little guilty. Your owls are so cute! And kind of fierce looking. Your compost system looks a LOT prettier than mine. Love the passionvine idea.


    • I’m sure he was guilty…of something when I took that photo! I like those owls–glad I caught their “fierceness” . The only downside of the passion vine is that the caterpillars will eat it, but then again, that’s why I chose passionvine–so the caterpillars will eat it. 🙂


  4. Great ideas! I have stopped using one place for compost and instead just place vegetable “extras” (waste sounds so negative!) in the fallow bed. Turn it in before planting again and voila!


  5. Hi Tina
    As a disabled, currently housebound semi-gardener who’s currently obsessed with God’s creation in all it’s awesome glory, I just wanted to thank you particularly for providing such an immense wealth of photos to enjoy :). I’m trawling everywhere grabbing ones for my Win 7 desktop slideshow as some are just so wonderful & they bring the outside in when you can view them on a large monitor at full res. Thank you SO much 🙂 Romayne


    • Well, goodness. Thank you! How sweet of you to write! I’ve enjoyed writing the blog and learning how to be patient enough to photograph critters in motion and plants in the breeze!


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