Wild Thangs

Wild thangs.

That’s Texas-speak for Wildlife Wednesday.

Beginning July 2, 2014, on the first Wednesday of each month, I’m inviting garden bloggers everywhere to post about those wild and wooly (or feathery) visitors we all enjoy (or simply tolerate!) in our gardens.


Gardeners understand that one upshot of gardening is the increased wildlife visiting and settling in our gardens.  Mostly, we love that.



Whether we’re particularly fond of insects, birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians of varying sorts, sustainable gardening requires encouraging wildlife in our gardens.   As habitat is disrupted or destroyed, the home gardener plays an increasingly important role in wildlife preservation through planting for pollinators, planting seed bearing trees and shrubs for birds and mammals, providing cover for protection and the rearing of young and providing fresh water sources.


Let’s celebrate our wild garden visitors with silly or scientific, informative or artistic blog posts about their visits or living quarters in “our” gardens.


So, on July 2–don’t be shy.  Post about those bees, butterflies, birds or bears who are in your gardens.  (I’m REALLY hoping for some bear photos!)

This doesn’t count:


But she would.


This doesn’t count:


But he would.



I know many gardeners curse them but yes, deer count.

And squirrels–I like squirrels,


they count too.

On Wildlife Wednesday, I’ll ask that you leave a comment on my post with a link to yours so we can enjoy a variety of information about those wild things in our gardens.


Wildlife Wednesday.  July 2, 2014.


For more information about how you can encourage wildlife in your gardens, visit Garden For Wildlife  link of the National Wildlife Federation.

Wild thang.  I think I luuvv ya.