A flower profiled on a gardening blog–who woulda thunk!

Given the devastation from the February snow and ice storms, flowers have been non-existent in my garden these past few weeks. But this pretty-in-pink ‘Colorado’ water lily opened petals this morning to the cheers of the gardener and the feeding and pollinating efforts of a native Sweat bee, Lasioglossum.

There were two of these little bees, but one winged away before I captured its presence.

My garden currently boasts a dreary range of browns and tans, highlighted by occasional burnished green–and those colors are on plants not yet pruned to the ground. That said, low-growing, spring-blooming perennials are coming on strong and flaunting their happy green foliage, blooms to follow very soon! Spring is just around the garden path!

The surprise water lily beat them all and its welcome spring color, with accompanying bee, brings joy and hope!