Red Headed Stranger

No, this red-headed stranger, ….isn’t that Red Headed Stranger.  All last winter, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus, visited this suet feeder.  Almost on a daily basis, I’d see him twirling on the wire cage which holds the bar of rich suet for birds to peck from. The handsome fellow was shy and didn’t barge his way onto the feeder while another feathered friend snacked.  Once he landed on the feeder though, he would defend his food bar until he’d had his fill of suet-n-seed and was ready to move on.

For the first time this winter, during our recent blast of cold, wet late winter weather, he (or a relative)

Welcome back, red-headed stranger.

While Willie might croon Wild Side of Life, this gardener is going to warble about the wildlife that has visited her gardens in the last month on Wednesday, March 4 in celebration of Wildlife Wednesday.  Please join in, even if you’re not a redhead,

…and share photos and stories about your wildlife adventures.

The Wildlife Wednesday gardening meme occurs on the first Wednesday of each month and will be next Wednesday, March 4th.