Lovely Lavender

This Althea, Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus, is full of big, showy blooms right now.  Its branches bent with the weight of the blooms, the hardy perennial will bloom on and off during our long warm season.  The rangy shrub buds and blooms profusely, especially after rain moistens the soil and flower production ramps up for the show.

I don’t remember which cultivar this is but I’m sure that I have the name tag stashed away somewhere.  

The Althea sits near my pond and last year I planted two specimens of another hibiscus cultivar, Lemon Rose Mallow, Hibiscus calyphyllus, just in front of the Althea.   I think they’ll be great bloom partners, yellow and lavender faces open to the sunshine, bodacious blooms both, cheering and thriving during summer’s heat.

I need some happy vibes today and these flowers are the ticket.  I’m joining in today with Anna’s Wednesday Vignette, to celebrate garden stories.