Lovely Lavender

This Althea, Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus, is full of big, showy blooms right now.  Its branches bent with the weight of the blooms, the hardy perennial will bloom on and off during our long warm season.  The rangy shrub buds and blooms profusely, especially after rain moistens the soil and flower production ramps up for the show.

I don’t remember which cultivar this is but I’m sure that I have the name tag stashed away somewhere.  

The Althea sits near my pond and last year I planted two specimens of another hibiscus cultivar, Lemon Rose Mallow, Hibiscus calyphyllus, just in front of the Althea.   I think they’ll be great bloom partners, yellow and lavender faces open to the sunshine, bodacious blooms both, cheering and thriving during summer’s heat.

I need some happy vibes today and these flowers are the ticket.  I’m joining in today with Anna’s Wednesday Vignette, to celebrate garden stories. 

14 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. So pretty! The thought of yellow and lavender together makes me smile; it’s a prototypical spring combination. Fall’s version is gold and purple.

    Speaking of which, I found beautyberry blooming in the woods last weekend. It’s just starting, but the flowers were there. I couldn’t get the photos I wanted because I didn’t have my boots on, but there will be another day.


    • Isn’t that a sweet combo? The two lemon rose mallow are still small. I only planted them in late fall. But I think it’ll be a winning combo.

      I love beauty berry flowers, so dainty and sweet looking. I wish they would last a little longer. I’ve noticed mine are blooming, too!


  2. Isn’t it wonderful how gardens and plants make us feel better? It never, ever fails! I have a fun thing to share, which filled me with such hope and joy… my 17-year old son came with me to my community plot today, to plant some tomatoes. I was thrilled he came along, and even more so when he asked if he could do the planting. And then he said something wonderful; “I really like gardening – it feels good”. Can you even believe it?? In these weird times, any small good thing tends to be amplified, but seriously – I am still over the moon…! 😀 Hang in there, Tina – the good will prevail. Of that I’m sure. We just have to make it to November. Hugs to you!

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    • Oh, that is nice! You did something correct, Mama!

      When my son worked at a summer camp the summer between high school and college, he became the camp’s “garden” counselor. I was floored. That said, he makes fun of me on the birding business. He thinks I’ve gone totally round the bend. He’s probably not wrong…:)


  3. Well here I go again and will try to get this to post. I have two that I rooted from two little sticks about 35 years ago. The “sticks'” were taken from a group of shrubs growing at the hospital where I worked. Both sticks rooted. One is pink and the other lavender. Love them since they are disease resistant and dependable bloomers- year after year.


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