Dove Love

I only ever see a sweet Inca Dove, Columbina inca, in my gardens during winter months. They usually appear as bonded pairs, waddling along the ground while nibbling, or resting together quietly. Sometimes the couples perch side-by-side on low branches of trees, at other times, they relax in partnership on the ground. These two are companionable and comfortable among pebbles and dropped seed in morning sunshine.

Dove love.

15 thoughts on “Dove Love

  1. I haven’t seen any Inca doves in forever. I have quite a few mourning doves, and some white-wings, at the feeders. At once of the marinas I visit, there are quite a few ring-necked doves — and someone who’s scattering feed on the ground for them!

    I noticed this week that I have a pair of laughing gulls on a dock next to where I’m working. There was a pair last year, too, that I photographed and showed on my blog. I can’t help wondering if it’s the same pair, since they show up at exactly the same time every day, and sit in exactly the same spot. Oddly, there’s a Snowy Egret that sits with them now. I need to take my camera with me this week, since I’ve never seen a Snowy just sitting around on a dock.


  2. It’s always sweet to observe a pair of bonded birds and their sweet attentions to one another.
    If a pair of Inca Doves visited our neighborhood in Colorado Springs, I would dance for joy, and all the birders in our county would come to see them, too. 😊


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