First Day

It’s the first day of Spring: a season of hope, renewal, life.

If you’re able, go for a walk; wave to your neighbors and say ‘hi’ from a safe distance. 

Observe the fresh, green growth on trees and bursts of color with flowers.   Listen to birdsong; watch expectant parent birds carry leaf and grass to their nesting sites. 

Life continues.

Open your windows, breathe in deeply the passing breeze.   Keep in touch with loved ones:  help your neighbors, especially the elderly and others,  most vulnerable.  

Stay safe.


22 thoughts on “First Day

  1. I still have photos of blue curls from the Rockport cemetery to post. I’m so glad I took the time to make that trip when I did. I’m going to miss visiting some other spots, which grieves me, but then again — I still have photos left to post from last spring’s glorious spread!

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    • Last spring and even into early summer was magnificent. I saw blue curls blooming on the path of one of my bike routes last week, before mine had opened up for business. I sent a photo to the woman who originally gave me seeds and hers hadn’t started. My poppies are just about done, so it’s time for some new players. 🙂

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  2. The plot across the path from one of mine has a blooming passion vine. It is covered in gulf fritillary caterpillars and I thought of you. How are you doing? How’s your vine this year?


    • The vine is full of caterpillars. I’ve seen plenty of adults and chrysalises in the garden. The biggest problem now is the constant pulling up of those sneaky passion vine seedlings–they’re aggressive.


      • I had no idea they were so vigorous! Would you sow one again anyway?

        There was also a longer black fuzzy one (looong fur fibers, not the more common (to my childhood anyway) short fibers like on the brown banded black ones up north.)


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