Lost in the Weeds

I think we’re all feeling a little lost in the weeds; I know I am and I think this weird bird is, too.

Look out for one another, remain in contact with loved ones and neighbors, and keep your sense of humor. 

I’m joining with Anna and her beautiful Flutter and Hum.  Check out other musings in the garden–and elsewhere. 

13 thoughts on “Lost in the Weeds

  1. I’ve certainly been distracted and unable to focus as clearly as usual — that’s why I’m so far behind on my blog reading (and writing!) Still, and perhaps oddly, I’ve met, conversed with, and learned more about some of my neighbors in the past week than I might have otherwise. I think everyone is a little on edge, and needing to talk.

    You’re certainly right that a little humor helps. For example: I just learned yesterday how to calculate IQ. It’s easy. Start with a baseline of 150. Then, subtract the number of rolls of toilet paper you have stashed in your closet!


  2. Haha–that’s so funny!! I totally don’t get the toilet paper hoarding and it seems universal: they’re doing it the UK, in Australia, apparently, everywhere!! I know I’m not peeing anymore than usual, are others?? Sheesh. But I do like your calculation.

    Yes, concentration is a hard one at the moment. I’m trying, even more than usual, to stay on a schedule, to accomplish things. But I didn’t even realize that it’s Wednesday until well after I woke up this morning. I like participating in Anna’s Wednesday Vignette, so a few days ahead of Wednesday’s, I usually look over photos and pick a photo to think about. I hadn’t downloaded recent photos, and forgot about that goofy bird. So, here we are. I guess we all just need to hang in there and hope…for the best?

    Be well, Linda.


  3. Ha! That IQ calculation means my IQ is 148! We totally missed the TB boat. I guess one of these days I will have to get in line outside the grocery store when they open at 6am, to try to acquire a few more rolls. Thanks shoreacres, for the laugh. I think that test is about as true as holding your breath for 15 seconds to see if you have the Corona virus. Thanks Geraldo – you need to just go the f*** away… Stay safe, everyone!


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