Who Needs a Rubber Duckie?

Rubber Duckie, you’re the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Rubber Duckie, I’m awfully fond of you…

With apologies to Sesame Street, Ernie, and the songwriter, Jeffrey A. Moss, this male Orange-crowned Warbler, Oreothlypis celata, has no need for a rubber duckie to have fun in the bath.



On mornings when I don’t have to scoot out of the house too early, I take some time to watch avian visitors as they bathe in the bog section of my pond.   I’ve separated the Pickerel Rush, Pontederia cordata, allowing for more water than plants in the bog, and birds are enjoying the shallow, moving water. This little guy just seems so happy to have his bath.

Sing to the right...

Sing to the right…

Sing to the left...

Sing to the left…

Wiggle and splash!

Wiggle and splash!

Clean and pretty!

Clean and pretty!

Look at that gorgeous orange crown!

Look at that gorgeous orange crown!

I'm so cute, I'll drive the girls wild!

I’m so cute, I’ll drive the girls wild!

After he flew into a neighboring small tree to fluff and preen, his mate hopped to the edge of the public bath.



She was a bit more tentative and I never got  good, clear shots of her. Trust me though, she had a great time too.

Fun with birds!

16 thoughts on “Who Needs a Rubber Duckie?

  1. What a sweet little bird, I’ve never seen one of these before. I do love seeing birds bathe. Here, I get a lot of joy out of each spring’s new batch of bluetits that like to bathe in the stream near our pond.


    • Just one of our lovely little songbirds. He and his girl should be headed north soon, they summer breed in the Pacific NW and in Canada. I guess they’re enjoying their baths too much to bother with migration. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always wanted a pond and very nearly ended up with one after a seep was discovered in our drainage swale, but it just didn’t work out. Do you have a pump to keep the water moving? I’m sure that little beauty will be back to enjoy it’s own private spa. 🙂


    • The only thing I regret about building the pond is that I didn’t build it sooner. Yes, there is a pump (actually, outside of the pond) with plumbing that takes the water to the bog (on the side of the pond) and then on to the waterfall. I enjoy the pond in so many ways, but the birds really enjoy it. A win-win for all!!


  3. What a cutie–you made my day. I started whistling the song! Isn’t it fun to watch the birds taking baths? My favorites here are the robins–they really shake and dive and seem to really enjoy themselves! 🙂


    • Watching a bird bathe always brings a smile to me–they seem so joyful in that action. Yes, that song has been in my head too, sorry ’bout that. 🙂 I can imagine that robins have a blast, they always seem cheeky to me.


    • “Whole-hearted” is a great description, Allison–they’re definitely that. And thanks–I wish I could have snagged better photos of the female, but perhaps there will be another chance.


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