Hope Dashed

Astrud the Cat loves Green Anole lizards. She watches and chases them, always hoping to catch them, if she can.


This lucky anole knows he’s safe–at least from this feline, if not from birds or other predators.


Astrud is probably disappointed that there’s a screen between Mr. Green and herself. But she’ll be more disappointed if she misses seeing other anoles from garden bloggers during Wildlife Wednesday, this coming Wednesday, June 3rd.  Astrud and I are looking forward to lots of posts about wild things in the garden–flitting, flying, creeping, and crawling–whatever wildlife visited or moved in–please share photos and stories.

June 3rd,  Wildlife Wednesday–Astrud loves to watch.



10 thoughts on “Hope Dashed

  1. My old cat’s TV favourites were always the bird programmes – he specialised in migratory species… I love the way Astrud turns to stare at us at the end. Unfortunately she’s out of luck with me. I’m no wildlife photographer!


  2. Astrud is adorable. I’m sure she is only interested in holding Mr. Green in her mouth for just a moment…

    I’m optimistic there will be plenty of posts from areas where it has not been raining practically every day for the past month! I’m a little short on wildlife photos, or photos of any sort. : )


    • Just for a moment. Yeah.

      Actually, that’s exactly what my boy cat, Nuri, does. He walks around, making this horrendous noise (caterwauling? ) and as soon as I say, “Good kitty!” he drops the unlucky lizard. I scoop the lizard up and deposit it somewhere that Nuri can’t see it.

      I always look forward to your posts and am never, ever disappointed. 🙂


    • She’s a charmer, that’s for sure. She ran up to my youngest brother, in Corpus Christi, as a tiny, tiny kitten. We think she was dumped. We really weren’t in the market for a new cat, but, you know how that goes.


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