Hey man, we’ve all been there.

The cord  (also attached to the limb) spans the length from the tree to the roof of my house and is where the sunflower and peanut feeders hang.

This giggle-worthy scene played out beyond my less-than-pristine kitchen window last Sunday afternoon.  I took the photo from inside the house, understanding that if I ventured outdoors, Mr. Lazybones would skedaddle, which he did anyway, just after I took the shot.

I often see squirrels stretch themselves out, aligning their bodies vertically along branches, but this particular gymnastic straddling is a first that I’ve witnessed.  I guess this little dude likes doing things his own way.

Good for him.

Joining today with Anna and her Wednesday Vignette.   Check out her beautiful Flutter and Hum for musings of various sorts.


20 thoughts on “Bedraggled

  1. The first thing I noticed is that he’s aligned with that cord that’s attached to the limb — the one that holds the feeders. He might be contemplating a little wire-walking! He is an absolute cutie — and clearly doing his own thing.

    You’ve reminded me of another funny incident with my pet squirrel. The front door was double — one glass, one wood — and he liked to lay atop the wooden door when it was open. One Sunday afternoon it was open at about a 45 degree angle and he was on top, legs hanging off both sides. Two evangelists of some sort came walking up the sidewalk, and rang the bell. When I went to the door, they both were open-mouthed, looking over my head. One finally stuttered, “Ma’am, do you know there’s a squirrel on your door?” I turned around, looked, and said, ‘Well, so there is.” They turned around without so much as a word and headed back down the sidewalk. I have no idea what they thought.


    • It’s possible that Mr. Lazybones was contemplating a tight-rope walk to either the sunflower seeds or the peanuts. I was constantly chasing the squirrels away earlier in the summer from both feeders–the squirrels are adept at the walk. The sunflower feeder hangs about mid-way from the tree to the house, the peanut feeder is about 5 feet from the house.

      I love that story. My take away is that your evangelists probably decided that you’re much closer to The Divine than they were. 🙂

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  2. Love that. Just flopped over. I often see my little squirrel gal pal stretched out on our log table, like she has not a bone in her body. Which comes in handy when you need to reach the food in difficult places….


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