Bed of Curls

Here at My Gardener Says…  it’s anole week.  In addition to squabbling anoles, another green reptilian gnome sits pretty in a fluff of Blue curls,  Phacelia congesta.

Comfy and sweet in its chosen bed of blooms, this roving reptile isn’t just chilling.  Lying in wait for pollinators, it snatched a couple of tiny native bees and another winged-thing as I watched, though was deferential as a honeybee buzzed by its head.   I snickered too much to catch a photo of that.

Perched just above the green hunter’s snout is the aforementioned winged thing–maybe a mosquito?  The anole turned its head deliberately and in lightening-fast movement, converted the insect to a snack.

Anoles are garden predators and will eat anything smaller than themselves–except for honeybees, I guess.  Maybe the green goblin can learn something about honeybee consumption from this female Summer TanagerPiranga rubra.  

Typically, Summer Tanagers catch bees on the wing.  This time of year,  every year, they visit my garden and a few bees become meals for the birds.  In a light rain, she hung out next to the hives, gobbling the bees crawling on the ground.

Yummy honeybee.

Watch out for that stinger!

22 thoughts on “Bed of Curls

  1. That last photo made me quiver a little. I once took a swig from a diet coke that had a honey bee inside, and was rewarded with a sting on my bottom lip. Obviously, that’s no problem for the tanager! At first glance, I missed the anole. That’s good camouflage he’s chosen.


    • Oh no! Ouch and puff! I’ve become less reactive to their stings, but really puff up if I get dinged on my face. Not pleasant.

      Yes, I missed him too, as I was looking for bees to photograph. He was there for a while–scamp!


    • They are beautiful birds. If you haven’t clicked on the link, do so–the red of the male is magnificent. I’ve had a juvenale male hanging out with this female–both eating bees, of course–he’s pretty too.


    • He was waiting for me to blunder by. 🙂 I’ve submitted to BugGuide before; you think the companion critter is a fly? Could be…

      I just submitted and will update when I get a response.


  2. Love that first photo, especially the color of the blooms. Speaking of being wary of a stinger, I have to laugh seeing squirrels dancing and hopping around the water bowls, trying to avoid squirrels!


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