Feather Pedaler

It’s January and time to get into shape.

This handsome BluejayCyanocitta cristata, looks like he’s ready for a ride, planning a spin, hankering for freewheeling!

The photo was taken at some distance and I thought Blue Biker had landed on the seat.  As it happened, Bicycle Blue wasn’t actually perched on the seat. but instead, true to bird form, posted on a slender branch of a Goldenball LeadtreeLeucaena retusa, situated in front of the seat.

He doesn’t need wheels, his feathers work just fine.

14 thoughts on “Feather Pedaler

  1. How cute! And I LOVE goldball lead trees! My husband got me one for a gift a few years ago- but it failed to thrive in a pot and in the ground… I need to give it another shot though!


  2. The photo’s delightful; who doesn’t like bluejays and their antics? I’ve never heard of gold ball lead trees. They look remarkably like huisache, and I see they’re in the same family. We have huisache locally, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the lead tree, even in the area around Kerrville. I may have seen it but assumed I was seeing huisache.


  3. Blue Jays are comedians–so funny and attractive, what’s not to love about them?
    Like you, I think golden balls look like huisache, but I’ve only seen a few goldens around the Austin area. I just love mine; it only blooms in spring, but it’s such a prettty thing all year around!


    • That’s interesting, I always assume Blue Jays are all over, all the time. Along with the jays, it’s nice to have Cardinals and the various finches adding color to the winter garden.

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      • I generally see them at the feeder. I am surrounded by woods and I think that is where they feed in the winter. I have very few cardinals this time of year too. I normally have up 12 or more at the feeders. But, I have the winter visitors now to take their place.


  4. I’m imagining a blue jay riding a tiny bird-sized bicycle, and he definitely has a basket filled with peanuts on the front!


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