20 thoughts on “I’m Counting

  1. It occurs to me that “honeybee” would substitute quite nicely in the childhood song we sang about Indians: “One little, two little, three little honeybees.”

    I like the color of your background, too. I think you must have just changed this to suit the flowers. Very pretty.


    • Thanks, Allison. I avoid poppy shots, just because everyone does poppy shots. But I couldn’t resist the bee activity, they adore these flowers.


    • Yay for pollinators! Like you, I notice that some years my garden is full of “x” butterflies and the next, of “y” butterflies–not sure why, but as long as there are bees and butterflies (and birds, of course), I’m cool.

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  2. Great shot! As usual, I have poppy envy…yours are gorgeous. I’m seeing swarms of bees around our bottlebrush tree just now… Seems the little sweeties are all about the red flowers at the moment. Last week it was one particular yaupon covered with tiny white flowers drawing their attention. So good to see busy pollinators!


  3. Nice to see the honey bees Tina 🙂 I’ve spotted few around a Crocus clump but then the weather has turned very rainy and even a bit of snow… But the warm-up is coming.


      • Yes, it seems spring is here, but not many things in flower yet and so the Crocus are very, very useful. Interesting that in the wild flora as well there are very few species to flower so early.


  4. I always think that poppies must be somewhat addictive to bees because when they get in there they move around in a frenzied manner as though high on drugs. Nothing will disturb them.


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