I’m Weird

I’m weird.  Anyone who knows me will confirm that.  Just ask my son.

I planted all summer.  ALL SUMMER.  When it was 102,  103, 104, I was out there, moving transplants of  Zexmenia (Wedelia texana), 

Firebush (Hamelia patens),

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) and Twisted-leaf Yucca (Yucca rupicola), to name a few.

I moved established plants like  Bamboo Muhly (Muhlenbergia dumosa), the little dude under the Goldeneye,

and Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua), among others.

I bought plants, usually in gallon pots, some of which did not survive.  Others are doing well, like Variegated Flax Lily (Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’),

and Soft Leaf Yucca (Yucca recurvifolia).

I was obsessed with my garden this past summer.  It was a tough summer, depressing   if you think about what the extreme heat and drought might actually indicate.  Still, I was not deterred and  indeed, I am hopeful.  I came home from work (which is part-time, but outdoors), and planted.  I mulched and hand-watered when necessary–obviously that was a lot.  I wore a funny hat, drank gallons of water and slathered sunscreen.  I took lots of showers.

I gardened.  All summer.

Now, as we enjoy cooler days and nights, I’ve ceased my planting frenzy.

I think that I am ‘resting on my laurels’.  Maybe I’m just tired.

I’m fortunate:  I don’t have deer, I have reasonably decent soil and I believe in compost and mulch.  I have a patient husband and son.  Austin hasn’t instituted Stage 3 water restrictions.  Yet.

I’m enjoying my garden, which I know, “…is never so good as it will be next year.”  (Thomas Cooper)

10 thoughts on “I’m Weird

  1. It seems summer transplanting worked well for you because everything looks lovely. I really like the golden eye and rock rose combination. I only have goldeneye outside my walls but they do say it makes a nice plant to grow in the garden. I will have to scatter some seeds inside for next year. I do love this plant.


    • Goldeneye is great–it can get rangy though–it’s good at the back of a garden. From Pam’s post about your garden yesterday, it looks like you might have a Goldeneye – I think it’s the one that you thought was skeleton-leaf goldeneye, as they’re related. Check that out. The one in my photo is still blooming profusely, whereas all the others have peaked an are going to seed.


  2. I thought of you as I was dragging my feet on getting out in the yard to plant today; why the drag when it’s so nice outside?! But once I made it outside- husband pushing me out the door, I was happy I did – we had a nice time….but still didn’t get everything in the ground….


    • And I guess I’m not as tired as I thought I was because I’m still moving things around and pulling out things that didn’t work. There are unhealthier addictions that one could have….


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