Umm, Peanuts?

This little dude regularly sits at one of several windows, peeking in, looking cute, and hoping for a handful of peanuts. I keep a cup of peanut pieces handy, tossing them onto the patio for the fluffy-tailed mammal and his feathery friends.

It’s been hot recently, really hot. We’ve just passed our eighth day of over 100F temps and this past weekend, the hot out-did itself with highs of 105/106F. Sigh. It’s only June.

Wildlife enjoy plenty of available water in my garden and shady spots protect from the sun’s harsh rays. But it’s the love of the legume that brings this character to my window and I’m happy to oblige with a handful of treats. But even with the heat, he’s not getting an invitation to the air conditioned house.

15 thoughts on “Umm, Peanuts?

  1. I work at a furniture store and quite a few years ago delivered a rocking chair down the street from our shop. When I went to leave a grey squirrel was sitting at the door just as yours is. I mentioned it to the customer and she said “Oh, he comes here every day.” When I opened the door he ran in, jumped up on the sofa, and helped himself to some nuts that were apparently sitting there on the end table waiting for his visit.

    Probably a good idea to not invite him in. 🙂


    • Yes they are and yes they are. This same charmer wrecked some havoc on a couple of container plants. I called him some bad names, swept up the soil, and fed him some more peanuts. Who’s the problem here? 🙂

      It’s been hazy here, too, with the dust. I forget this happens almost every summer, but it’s been noticeable this year.

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      • It is worse this year. I’m not having problems breathing when I’m outdoors, but it’s hazy and our downtown builds are somewhat obscured as well. I’ll be glad when we’re past this–in the height of hurricane season.


  2. My crew’s running around right now, wondering why the nice lady hasn’t bestirred herself to produce their peanuts. I have one that will come right up to the sliding glass door and stand with its paws on the glass, pleading. Of course he gets his way. I do agree that outdoors is best for the critters. Even though I lived with an inside squirrel for years, we raised him from before his eyes were open, and that’s quite a different thing. I’d not let one of my ‘wild ones’ into the house for anything.


    • They have that cute-and-I want-some-peanuts thing down, don’t they? One was at my back door first thing this morning. They are characters, loaded with charm and cheek, but yeah, not in the house. 🙂


    • It’s a lot of hot days. Yesterday, it didn’t get to 100 and was downright pleasant. My critters have plenty to drink from and a decent amount of shade. The critters in rural areas probably have a harder time finding both.

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