Garden Breakthroughs

Given any opportunity, nature will exploit holes in the system. Plants will always find ways to present themselves, whether or not the gardener was consulted.

This Heartleaf skullcap, Scuttelaria ovata, is emerging from its warm season dormancy and in ground-cover fashion around the base of the ceramic tree guy. Additionally, a sprig of the skullcap greenery has grown up and out of the craggy pottery bark and now accompanies the grey ceramic bird who has been tree guy’s main buddy.

In another part of the garden, a strand of Purple heart, Setcrasea pallida, snaked its way up a whimsical ceramic sprout (for lack of a better term). A bouquet of pink and purple tops the sprout, adding a floral flourish which is lacking in its less adorned partners.

May your garden thrive and your breakthroughs be the fun and charming kind. Wishing all a happy and healthy 2022.

14 thoughts on “Garden Breakthroughs

  1. The plant had a long way to go up the ceramic sprout. It is amazing what plants can do. Have your temperatures dropped? The new year is starting with a bang. I saw 3 juvenile Bald Eagles yesterday. They were romping through the sky diving with each other. I haven’t seen any for a while, so it was a treat.


    • Wow–so great that you saw the eagles, that really is a treat!

      We were at about 78 yesterday and I awoke to 26! Texas weather. 🙂 My paranoia about burst pipes and wilted, frozen plants paid off for once though. The prediction was that we’d get between 30 and 28 and that wouldn’t hit 32 until about 5am, then it would drop, Cold, but of somewhat short duration. My bird baths were all frozen when I went outside at 7am; I’m guessing we hit freezing well before 5am. I’d covered a few things, just in case, and I’m glad I did. It’s supposed to be 25 tonight. I’m ready! How cold is it where you are?

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  2. Your mention of purple heart stopped me for a minute. There’s a very expensive wood called purple heart that’s often used for special items on boats: wheels, bar inlays, and such. For a minute I thought you really were fancying up your new garden!

    The plant coming up through the spout reminded me of a sunflower I watched a couple of years ago. As we all know, highway construction projects can take a while, and there was an orange traffic cone that got abandoned or lost at a local intersection. A sunflower plant poked through the top, and kept adding flowers. One day while stopped at a traffic light I looked at it and realized someone had made the top hole larger, to accomodate more flowers. Sometimes life is great!


    • Well, there’s plenty of wood in the garden, but I don’t think any of it is particularly expensive. 🙂

      That’s a great story! I love it that someone actually went to that much trouble, but then, I think flowers are worth that effort. Don’t you?

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