A Little Dab’ll Do Ya!

Sunday saw a snow event here in Central Texas, including a few inches of snow for my garden. That much snowfall is unusual, but was a nice change of pace. When we get snow, it’s usually light and doesn’t last too long coming down, nor once it’s on the ground. Sunday’s storm lasted for hours and was quite heavy at points.

It was certainly more than our typical dab of snow.

On Monday morning, I caught this vision of the snow which had covered our solar panels on Sunday, but slid off and was bunched up at the edge of the roof like a loose sock around an ankle.

This morning, three days after the snowfall, there’s still some snow left in shady corners–and on my roof.

To me, the snow looks like the snows of June, those drifts of cotton produced from Cottonwood trees, Populus deltoides, which gather along pathways and tangle in shrubs.

All in all, I’d rather have the snow.

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24 thoughts on “A Little Dab’ll Do Ya!

  1. The pics of your fence line looks as if a blanket had been thrown over the vegetation/shrubbery and etc. . I don’t know for sure but have always thought that snow is good for the soil because it soaks into the ground much slower than rain. But the snow was nice for a day at my house and then there was a messy garden to slosh through to get to the bird feeders.


    • That’s actually my rooftop. We have solar panels across the western exposure. On Sunday, the whole roof was covered with snow. I think I took the photo Monday morning and wish I’d taken follow-up photos because as the snow softened, it gathered up along the edge; it was an interesting site. The last time I checked about an hour ago, there was still a couple of dabs of snow!


  2. I’m very jealous of your snow! It seems like everyone has had snow so far this winter except us Londoners. I love the way it completely transforms the things and scenes we see every day.


  3. I often think of the Cottonwood fluff as similar in appearance to snow–but it’s much messier, and the June days are much warmer. 😉 I would like your kind of snow, though, since it doesn’t last too long. Although, I have to say this is my favorite winter weather-wise, in a long time or maybe in my life. It’s been beautiful here, and not terribly cold–perfectly comfortable (in a parka and snow boots) for walking the dog every day. Thanks for sharing your fun photos!


    • Thanks , Beth. It was fun, if very short-lived. The last of The snow on my roof melted today.

      I’m glad you’re having a nice winter, hope it’s cold, not too cold.


  4. YOU GOT SNOW??? Wow, we have not seen any of that stuff yet – except up on the mountain. A little frost here and there, but I only think I’ve scraped my car windows twice. And this is after bracing for a predicted “colder and wetter than normal” kind of winter. So far, those predictions have been off.
    I envy your solar panels. According to the city, we’d have to beef up our roof structure to add panels. It really irks me – we have dead south open exposure. Drives me bonkers!


    • Yes and quite a bit, too! Funnily enough, I talked to my son (in Jordan) for a long time on Sunday and I was updating him on the snowfall, which he cared nothing for. 🙂 At one point, he reminded me that he’d lived in Oregon for 4 years, had enough snow, and that “…snow is just water that hurts…” which is pretty funny. I loved the snow though. Wouldn’t mind another visit!

      We’ve enjoyed our solar panels, they’re about 11 years old now. Our summer electric bill is where they shine because of AC use. Our bills are pretty low.

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  5. Usually, we get photos of people sliding on snow. Here, it’s the snow that’s doing a slow slide; what fun for you! It’s only mid-January; I’m going to keep hoping for snow here, at least for a few more weeks. We’ve had freezes in March, so it’s not impossible. It’s not probable, of course, but it sure would be fun.


    • I wish I’d taken a series of shots as the snow bunched up at the edge of the roof. Yes, it was fun. I’m hoping this year might be a repeat of 1985 when we had 3 significant snowfalls.


    • I had to look up how to spell Byrlcreem. I know the ditty, but I’m not sure if I remember it from childhood, or if it’s just something I’ve heard many times.

      I like that phrase: snows of June. I’m also glad I don’t have cottonwoods on my property.


  6. I hope you had a lovely time in the winter wonder. We had gleeful shrieking (not just by the kids, mind you) and many snowball fights, snow people, and first sledding adventures.


    • I didn’t have as good a time as anyone with little ones. Fun!! Sledding could not happen in my area–to flat! Glad you had fun. I seem to recall that you’re from the PNW? I talked to my son on Sunday, who went to college in Oregon and I was giddy about the snow. He was not on board, saying that he’d had enough of it in Oregon and that “snow is water that hurts.” He’s such a Debbie Downer. Maybe I should call him an Aaron-Aggravator. 🙂

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      • Ha!
        I am. When I was little we got a lot more snow in the Willamette Valley than they do up there now. I remember drifts over my head and snow nearly to my knees on the valley floor at recess in elementary school. (Also When American children still got three recesses a day, regardless of weather.)
        We found the banks of a storm drain (with a dry bottom) to slide down. A nice short ride for the first -timers and an equally short climb back up 😉

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  7. Tina your snow is wonderful and very good for the garden. It seems that the weather has agreed so that it snows at home and in Spain, especially in Madrid. It was snowing non-stop from Friday the 8th at 07:00 a.m. to Saturday the 9th at 5:30 p.m. The thickness was in my area of ​​70cm and the squall was called Filomena. No one came to clean up, only the neighbors with brooms made paths through the snow. As of Monday, temperatures plummeted: at night -12ºC until Wednesday -10ºC and today -8ºC. During the day at 0ºC and on Thursday and Friday 1ºC, and today 3ºC. The snow has turned to ice. Since Sunday it has been sunny every day, but it has not been enough to melt the snow-ice due to the low temperatures. The only ones that have cleaned have been the neighbors small sections of sidewalks and entrances to the portals. Only on Thursday afternoon a construction excavator came to clean the streets and its wheels skidded on the ice. He cleaned up the streets a bit and buried the cars even more with the snow-ice he removed, including mine. The center of Madrid has been cleaned by the Army Emergency Unit, but no one has come to clean the neighborhoods: well, the excavator is a shame. People have dug up their cars with shovels and hoes, which have run out. On Thursday my dear Mother and I ran out of food. Yesterday I had to go with my hiking boots to the market to buy everything. The market is usually a five minute walk from home, but as the sidewalks and streets were, it took a long time and it was an adventure to get there. Luckily there was everything and I filled my shopping cart to the top, even with bags hanging. The return was worse because it was uphill and I was super loaded with my shopping cart. But I got home safely and with food for a week or more. The only thing is that on the way out I got my jeans wet and since I was in them for a long time and below zero, I got a little cold. My dear Mother and I are very warm at home, and safe. Tina forgives me that she has extended me so much, but a snowfall like this has not fallen since 1904, it is historical! Tina I hope you and your husband are in good health and safe. Take good care of both of you. Hugs from my Mother and me. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.


    • Yes, Margarita, I’d heard about your historic snowfall!! I’m glad you and your mother are safe, but I hope you could enjoy the beauty of the snow–it is special when it doesn’t happen too often. I imagine your shopping trip was an adventure!! Stay safe and warm!

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