Faux Pas

You know how it is: you’re with a group of friends, hanging out, talking and laughing–keeping some distance, of course–and then, you say something stupid.


Been there, done that.  I wonder if the sunflower blushed?

Even when committing a flower faux pas, sunflowers evoke joy and elicit smiles.  I’m joining with Anna and her Wednesday Vignette.  Pop on over to Flutter and Hum for garden stories of all sorts.

11 thoughts on “Faux Pas

  1. I was trying to remember my last faux pas, and when it came to mind, I quivered a little. Isn’t it funny how we don’t realize how something’s going to sound until it’s out of our mouth?


    • I’m still trying to figure out what the sunflower said! 🙂 But yes, sometimes, what’s in your brain isn’t so great when it reaches the mouth, then the air, then others’ ears.

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  2. If you feel like a little drive, there are large colonies of wild sunflowers this week along Gregg Manor Rd. east of TX 130 and in the northwest quadrant of E. Howard Lane and Harris Branch Parkway. Smaller but a lot closer to home is the group that has been coming up for the last few years on the west side of Loop 360 adjacent to the tent selling Fredericksburg peaches near Bull Creek.


  3. Tina forgives me for not writing to you for so long. Earlier in the month she gave me a tug from the right ear down the neck to the right shoulder and the entire right arm and right hand. I was useless and in terrible pain. With sessions of the physical therapist, it has been gradually removed. When I was cured, I went with my mother to the beach, to see my brother and his wife in the house they have there. We had not seen each other since February 7. We have spent some very pleasant days with them. We are already back in Madrid. Tina that to screw up is my specialty, speaking and writing. Nothing happens. For that we have the mouth, to speak. And your adorable sunflowers, which I love, I don’t think they blushed. Tina I hope that you and your husband are well. Take good care of both of you. I wish you the best. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.


    • No worries, Margarita and I’m so glad you and your mother have a nice vacation with your brother and his family. It must have been wonderful to get away, after your long shutdown because of COVID-19. Stay well and healthy and safe!

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      • Tina thanks for your beautiful words. Yes, it has been a great few days. We went just on vacation just the day after being able to move freely in Spain, because before you could not move from your Autonomous Community, which would be a State in the USA. Tina, you and your husband stay safe, in good health and take good care of yourself! Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.

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