The Wall

A couple of nights ago, I attended a showing of Ay Mariposa.  It’s a lovely film which tells the story of a Mexican immigrant, Zulema Hernandez, who crossed the Rio Grand to live, work, and raise her family in the southernmost valley of Texas.   It’s also the story of the National Butterfly Center and its director, Marianna Treviño Wright, and her battle against the building of the wall along the southern border between the United States and Mexico.

The film focuses on how expansion of the wall is obliterating the remaining natural habitat of one of the most diverse ecological regions in all of North America, while also reminding viewers of the humanity of the people who cross the border seeking only a better life and adding their gifts to our culture and economy.

Another award winning film that I saw some time ago is The River and the Wall.  This gorgeous film profiles a group of scientists and adventurers who travel–by bicycle, on horseback, by foot, and in canoes–from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico which is the entire 1200 miles of the Texas/Mexico border.   The viewer travels with the team observing stunning landscapes and meeting wonderful people.  Through that experience, one appreciates the absurdity of building a wall alongside this beautiful, demanding river border.

If you want to see either or both films, or learn more about the people involved, the history of the wall, or how you can help prevent the destruction of long-standing communities and rare, remarkable habitat, check out these links:

Both websites have a short summary of their respective films and instructions on purchasing a DVD or download, or viewing a screening near you.

Male Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) nectaring on Frostweed (Verbesina virginica)

Shoreacres of The Task at Hand and Lagniappe, graciously posted in her comment this pertinent and sweet song from Texas “Environmental Troubadour” Bill Oliver

In working for change, I’m joining in with Anna and her Wednesday Vignette.  Check out her beautiful Flutter and Hum for musings of various sorts.


10 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Love this – thank you for posting, Tina! I will definitely check those films out. And thank you for keeping your eye on that particular ball. There is so much going on politically in this land of ours, that it’s impossible to keep up on all of it. So, I much appreciated this.


    • You’re welcome, Anna. It’s in my backyard, so yeah. You’re right, though. There’s so much bad from this Merry Band of Grifters, it’s hard to keep up. You’ll appreciate the beauty of each of these films.

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  2. “When the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more,
    another heaven and another earth must pass
    before such a one can live again.”
    ~William Beebe 1906
    This quote comes to mind whenever I hear/read about ‘The Wall.’ It in no way diminishes the importance of nor the effect on people, but is simply a reminder that all living beings have a right to their place in this World.
    Thank you for spreading the word about these movies!


    • That is a lovely, profound quote–thanks for sharing. There are many things wrong with the building of the wall and it’s a shameful business. I shudder at what future generations will think of us.


  3. Sigh. The migration seemed to last longer this year than years prior. Or else I noticed it more, having more freedom in my days. I told myself it was because they were making a comeback but I know I like to look at things in rose-colored glasses to offset some skepticism that runs through me. I hope it wasn’t longer because it’s actually even harder than just last year. (And now off I go to add another packet of seeds to my list for helping just a little bit more.)


    • I think you’re right about the monarch migration–I saw individuals into November! I doubt those particular ones made it to Mexico, but have no clue if that’s accurate. All we can do is be mindful and plant appropriately and that’s something.

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