Predator and Prey

As I hand watered a dry patch of garden, two simultaneous movements caught my attention.   One was an earth-colored action along the bed, rustling garden detritus.  Another, a flash of green down the edge of a trellis.

The predator enjoyed the advantage of height and dashed toward the prey, grabbing it out of sight from this observer.  Sprinting back the way it came, the predator stopped to rest, and maybe, to gloat over its catch.

No worries, buddy.  Though I’m impressed with your focus, eyesight, and hunting ability, I’m not interested in your catch; it’s a pasta with grilled veggies dinner for me.

13 thoughts on “Predator and Prey

    • Thanks, Steve! Truly, it was a dumb luck shot. I didn’t even have my camera with me initially, I had to pop into the house to grab it. The nice lizard stayed put while I was getting the camera and then posed while I got a couple of shots. Great to have a good working relationship with a lizard.

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  1. What a great photo. It’s good to know that all that hanging around does pay off from time to time. I wonder if it takes them some time to swallow their prey, in the same way that some birds have to wait a bit to get a fish all the way down?

    At work this week, I discovered one of those black and white jumping spiders that had nabbed a love bug. Anything that eats love bugs has my approval! I wished I’d had my camera, but I suppose we can’t photograph everything.


    • Sometimes, miracles happen. 🙂 I wondered the same thing–does the anole crunch away, or just sort of “gum” its prey. I didn’t watch.

      I’ve missed lots of cool stuff because I didn’t have my camera.


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