If Wishes Were Fishes

In this particular instance, I think Astrud’s wish is for an Green Anole lizard, Anolis carolinensis, rather than fishes, but I’m confident she’d accept fishes, if available.

Taken through a window with questionable clarity and a screen which wants cleaning, this photo didn’t prevent Astrud from wishing she was out and the lizard’s appreciation that she wasn’t.  I watched these two as they eyed one another through the protection of and limit by glass and screen, grateful that Astrud was in the house and the lizard safe in his environment.

I guess we all want fishes of one sort or another:  gardens which weed and mulch themselves, windows and screens which never dirty,  cats who don’t catch wildlife–the list is endless.  Still, there’s value in wishing, and then working, toward a goal.   I would prefer the eating of lizards remain off the list, but in these fraught times, maintaining hopes and wishes–augmented by action–is vital.

Just leave the lizards alone.

I’m pleased to join again with Anna and her Wednesday Vignette.   Check out Flutter and Hum for musings of various sorts.


13 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Fishes

  1. I used to have an anole that would show up on my bedroom window screen, and Dixie Rose would spend as much time eyeing the lizard as the lizard would allow. I always wondered where the lizard actually lived, since my apartments on the third story. Maybe it was its way of escaping the cats on the ground.

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  2. So you are able to keep your cat indoors? Our last cat would go crazy if we didn’t let her out, but she caused serious mayhem among the voles and mice (which I didn’t mind), and birds (which I did). If we get kittlens again we will try harder to keep them inside.

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    • Astrud is in most of the time, though she likes to go outdoors for a little while in the evening. My older cat, Nuri, goes out more, but mostly, he just snoozes on various chairs.

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  3. Great vignette! I love those anole lizards–we don’t have them here in the north, so I’m always thrilled to see them when I travel south. My cat is an indoor feline, too. His favorite room is the sunroom, where he has windows on three sides. He tries to dash out the door sometimes, but he doesn’t really beg to go out. He (along with our previous cats) has always been an indoor cat.

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    • It’s great that yours are totally indoors. That’s not true for mine, but they’re mostly inside, rather than out. I can imagine that your kitty enjoys the sunroom. Who wouldn’t?


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