Excuse me ma’am, I think you dropped something!

Following this busy honeybee as she buzzed from sunflower to sunflower, I caught her in mid-air.  Her pollen pantaloons (corbiculae) were full-up with a nice load, but it appears some of her precious cargo slipped loose in flight.  I’m betting she had enough packed away by the time she arrived back home at the end of her foraging run, and she and her hive mates will make good use of the stuff.  Certainly during  our periodic hive checks, we’ve seen plenty of comb cells packed with the yellow gold.

Celebrating National Pollination Week, I’m also delighted to join with Anna and her Wednesday Vignette.   Buzz on over  to Flutter and Hum and check out garden and other musings.

15 thoughts on “Ooops!

  1. Well, how about that? I have at least one thing in common with your bee. Whenever I start picking tomatoes, or peaches, or whatever, I’m always tempted to keep picking beyond all reason!


  2. Oh my – that’s a great shot, Tina! Wow – abundance in action for National Pollinator Week! Speaking of bee keeping – I just learned that my dad and stepmom recently were the proud recipients of an “Environmental Steward” award for the work they do, teaching the art of bee keeping to others. So proud of them!! Wish I lived closer – I would love to learn, too!


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