Early in the morning, the inflorescence of a Pride of Barbados, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, is bejeweled.

Crystalline droplets adorn the junctions of peduncle (the main stem of the inflorescence) and pedicels (stems bearing the terminal blooms).  Closed buds–with their promises of floral beauty and pollinator sustenance–echo the water droplets in spherical contrast to the peduncle and pedicels.

The water jewels are ephemeral, soon eclipsed by opened blooms.

I’m delighted to join in today with Anna’s Wednesday Vignette.  Pop on over and check out other garden and nature musings.


13 thoughts on “Bejeweled

  1. Oohh, you grow THAT one!!! It’s such a gorgeous plant! I wish I did, but even if I took some other things out to make room for it, I wouldn’t be able to offer it the sun it needs to thrive. I will admire yours from afar. Gorgeous photo too, and great botanical definitions, too!


  2. I didn’t know either the common or scientific name, but when I searched for the plant, I said, “Oh! That one!” It always reminds me of the Royal Poinciana that we had in Liberia. Although that one’s native to east Africa and Madagascar, it was around Monrovia and a couple of up-country compounds where I’m sure it had been planted. Both are beautiful — lucky you to have enough sunshine for it.


    • Yes it’s a common one. I only have one small area where that one can bloom all summer; the butterflies are happy though.

      The most beautiful one I ever laid eyes on was on Padre Island, just before one of the turnoffs to the National Sea Shore, north side of SPID (I forget what the number of that highway is). It was probably 2 Pride of Barbados and was paired with Firebush, Hamelia patens:
      What a gorgeous combo that was!!


  3. Such a lovely moment captured. Pride of Barbados became my favorite flower sixteen years ago. I took a picture of one behind a Taco Bell in Arizona during the gas crisis of 2003. I didn’t learn its name until eight or so years ago. Now I need to finally get one planted nearby…


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