Coffee Mate

While sipping my morning coffee, a garden companion enjoyed her morning oak nut.


She sat (or is it a squat?) in a garden adjacent to my patio only a few feet away from me, contentedly munching her breakfast. I was directly in front of her, comfortable on a wooden bench, coffee cup in hand, listening to the birds begin their day and observing Ms. Squirrel’s meal. We shared no conversation; my attempts at engagement went unanswered.

Within a few minutes, Ms. Squirrel finished her nut. She glanced at me before bounding off. I took her last look at me as a nod in confirmation of her ease in the garden and companionship with me–as long as there was respectful distance.

I was surprised and pleased that she spent some of her day, perhaps not exactly in camaraderie with me, but demonstrating a level of comfort with my presence.

She and I shared 5 or 6 minutes of morning quiet before heading off to our respective adventures and responsibilities.

I’m glad to join today with Anna’s Wednesday Vignette.  Pop on over and check out musings of all sorts.


22 thoughts on “Coffee Mate

  1. I can’t think of a more pleasant morning companion. It looks like this gal might have had some babies, too. She might have been happy for some adult companionship — never mind the species!


  2. What a wonderful way to start the morning! I could just feel the quiet through your words. And, it made me want another cup of coffee – this one to be enjoyed outside!


  3. I often spend some time in contemplation and chomping with our resident squirrel. If you can catch them in a period of rest between breaking and entering, they make excellent companions!


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