Lush Life

Joseph has a pretty good life.


Sitting comfy on a bed, er, wagon, of succulents, he keeps a keen eye on things for me in the back garden.

When not snoozing, he scolds the squirrels, dodges bird poop, and gives advice.

He thinks he’s the under gardener.  Often, the plants are unruly, though Joseph never is.


Spring brings blooms to Joseph’s wagon,

Sedum tetractinum ‘Coral Reef’

Sedum diffusum ‘Potosinum’


Spring brings bliss to Joseph–look at that contented grin.  He is a happy gnome and really, would you want any other kind?.


This guy could take a page out of Joseph’s book–he grimaces as he sits in his less-than-succulent home.

Maybe he’ll chill when his succulents fill in.


24 thoughts on “Lush Life

    • Well, I don’t know about being helpful, but they do bring a grin to this gardener! I was going for charmingly irascible when I fashioned that second fella, but I think he just comes off as grumpy!

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  1. I’ve had a gnome in the garden for several years, too, and it gave me a cheerful feeling. Unfortunately, the squirrels smashed him except for his head so I’ll be getting a new one. 🙂


  2. No gnome at my home, but I do have a big, meant-to-rust metal squirrel that makes me laugh every time I look at him. The pigeons like to perch on top of him — until they tip him over and have to fly.

    I like your sedum, too. I’ve only seen the native, as far as I know: Sedum nuttallianum. I’d never thought about the fact that there might be cultivars. They certainly do look good in that wagon.


    • Rusty squirrels are my favorite kind–they don’t dig up new transplants! The sedums are all hand-me-downs from various sources. I’m not generally a huge fan of cacti and succulents in the garden, though I do like them in pots–so little water needed!

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  3. I like that your gnome has a name. We have a nameless troll, and maybe that should be remedied. We also have a concrete rooster named Rupert. I love using an old child’s wagon as a planter. We have one of those but Judy would never let me use it – she’s saving it for the grandkids.


    • True confession: the gnome came named, so I’m not the originator. Still, I think “Joseph” is a fitting name–he looks like a Joseph, yes? Rupert is a great name for a rooster–concrete, or otherwise! The wagon was my husband’s when he was little. I carted my two around in it when they were little. Now, it’s for plants. And Joseph. 🙂

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  4. Knowing my luck, I’d bend over and Joseph would stab me with his pointy hat! 😉 I love the sedum flowers, not sure if ours are in bloom yet, probably not.


  5. Tina Joseph is a gnome who lives very well. He has a wagon for him only full of beautiful succulent plants and he thinks he is the boss with that mischievous smile. Do not let anyone enter your domain, or squirrels or let the bird droppings fall. The other individual with his mouth open as he does not close it will fill him with succulent plants! Tina you have some succulent plants that I love. I am already in the country house, if you want to see the garden as I found it This has been the reason for writing so late in your blog: the preparations of the trip that is not only the luggage (the car was coming at full speed) and clean the cottage a little and put the things that we have not finished both. Have a nice weekend. Greetings from Margarita.


    • Thanks Margarita! Glad you’re now at your country house–it looks lovely and has many opportunities for gardening. I would love to have that much land.


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