This fine-feathered Green Heron, Butorides virescens, was creeping in the bog, no doubt angling for some fish for lunch.

He flew off after spotting me (I attempted unobtrusiveness, but obviously failed!).  The heron returned to the pond shortly afterward–the allure of a fish meal greater than wariness of the gardener.

Smacking his beak in pleasure, the pond is now short a few gambusia (mosquito fish).

Everyone has to eat!

23 thoughts on “Fishin’

    • I was thrilled with this one! I’ve seen them before, but they always fly off just as I blunder out of the house. This one stayed long enough for him to eat and me to look.

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    • Nice! I’ve had Blues visit too, but have never been able to get a good shot at them. I bet they like those frogs and toads and tadpoles and oh, so many things! Interesting about the noise–gonna go check that out on the Cornell site!


  1. What a lovely creature! I’m guessing the fish reproduce in ways that keep their numbers ahead of any losses from the Garden’s very own Big Birds. I can feel everyone reading here regularly slowly but surely realizing they need a pond, a pond, a pond!


    • Yes, there are multitudes of mosquito fish. I am down one goldfish though since cleaning the pond in early March. Not sure who snatched that one….


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