20 thoughts on “Just Like Life

    • Yes, Cathy–sort of! I grow the A. chrysantha and the A. canadensis and they hybridize. I’m no botanist, but that cutey is probably a hybrid. The bees don’t care and neither do I!

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      • That’s interesting Tina – I did grow A. canadensis a long time ago, and I vaguely remember it quite not as your plant when I looked at the pictures. But thought it my bad memory. A hybrid would be the answer!


      • Yes, you’re right! The A. canadensis is smaller, redder, with only a smidge of yellow. The hybrids are usually larger and the red can be just a blush or more. Your memory is just fine. 🙂


  1. I love Columbine blossoms but never have luck with them here. To me they look like a bit like fireworks bursting into the night sky.

    PS – Hope that backwards and sideways “Life” stuff, whatever it is, isn’t too tricky!


    • I’m sorry that you don’t have luck with them. I will say that mine in the front garden typically bloom better than the ones in the back. Weird. That’s gardening, though.


  2. Tina columbines are my downfall, I love and I have in my garden. But not as wonderful as yours. Columbines preciousness that is, that are beautiful and delicate. It has a garden with flowers dream. Greetings from Margarita.


  3. They are all so cute 🙂 Aquilegia canadensis just started to flower here as well. Soon the other columbines will follow…


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