For Paris

In light of the horrific attacks on Paris yesterday, it’s hard to write about flowers–it seems silly and pointless in the grotesque shadow of such appalling acts.  But I suspect that Parisians, who love beauty in many forms, would appreciate a focus on floral beauty today.

Thinking of you, brave Parisians.  Remembering the innocent.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

4 thoughts on “For Paris

  1. It occurs to me your celebrating life and natural beauty is perhaps the only appropriate response to the recent acts of hate and destruction. Terrorizing people in ways that intends to separate us from the daily wonders of our own lives is an act of death. Appreciating beauty (in the rose or the relationship between the rose and bee) is an act of life, of being fully present to living.

    Those who are too deep in sorrow and mourning to do so for themselves will have to depend on others to carry on until they can once more lift and open their eyes. This post does just that. Here’s to you for caring, for putting this out there. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!


    • It’s difficult in the current climate to feel positive about…much of anything. My hope is that Parisians and all people of good intentions can focus on forward thinking, rather than fear and mistrust.


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