Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day, June 2015

A cloudy and wet spring and early summer has gifted my garden with foliage growth galore.  Joining in for Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day, many thanks to Christina at Creating my own garden of the Hesperides for the opportunity to laud fabulous foliage in the garden.

Toward the back of my large perennial garden, the FrostweedVerbesina virginica, are towering over the sprinkling of blooms from the coral Autumn sageSalvia greggii, Purple ConeflowerEchinacea purpurea, and the Heartleaf SkullcapScutellaria ovata, as well as a Century Plant Agave americana, happily situated in a re-purposed bird bath.

Turning to the right, fab foliage continues with Iris straps fronting a red containerized  Yucca filamentosa ‘Golden Sword’, paired with a cobalt-blue potted, but grey-leafed Ghost Plant, Graptopetalum paraguayense.

The handsome Soft Leaf YuccaYucca recurvifolia completes the spiky vignette.

Stepping back from that shot, the Heartleaf Skullcap foliage and bloom panicles add some spice to the scene, while the Purple Coneflowers add a bit of sugar to the shot.


With some twisty fun in a sparkly container, the Corkscrew RushJuncus effusus spiralis,  has revelled in the wet year and this gardener has enjoyed not watering it!

Corkscrew Rush is a bog plant, but I grow two of them in pots and except for once or twice per week hand watering during a normal Texas summer, this plant is an easy one for the garden.


Lastly, the Purple HeartSetcreasea pallida,  is a hardy Mexican native, naturalized throughout much of South and Central Texas and an excellent shade-tolerant groundcover. With more sun, charming pink flowers appear which are favored by honeybees.  This quirky set of ceramic totems play in this patch.


While this group of Purple Heart anchors a cluster of Cast Iron PlantAspidistra elatior, resting at the base of a graceful Mexican Orchid TreeBauhinia mexicana.


So much foliage, so little time!  Check out other June foliage delights at Creating my own garden of  the Hesperides and good GBFD to you!

14 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day, June 2015

  1. I’m with Beth – the labeled photos are really helpful and I appreciate it. I also appreciate the longer views giving us plants in combination – one of your truest gifts – the ability to get adjacent groupings in play that provide season-round interest. Putting the agave in the birdbath is clever – it gets elevated to receive a proper amount of attention and yet cannot throw pups out all over your garden beds from above. I’ve learned too late how prolific those determined agave mommas are, and often feel I should apologize to them for not being able to provide the kids with good homes of their own. I wish there was some form of agave neutering!

    The quirky totems are adorable and perfect above the purple. You must smile every time they greet your arrival. Did you make those?


    • I’m trying to be more consistent about showing the close-up, then the wider view. When I read other blogs and look at the photos, it helps me envision the garden as a whole if I can see the fuller situation.

      You know, I’m not a fan of agave–or most other spiky plants. I must be the only gardener in Austin without any opuntia in my gardens. Freak! Agave are big, huge!, and they hurt me. I don’t like to be hurt by my plants–I get enough of that from my bees. 🙂 I do like the color (oh, that gorgeous blue-grey!) of the A. americana and structure in the garden is important, at least for people. All of my agave are in pots. They do pup out though, don’t they? I pot up the babies and when the containerized “adults” get too big, I dig them out of the pots and donate them to the cause of Dillo Dirt! I keep a supply of ready-to-transplant agave pups in my work area and when it’s time, grab the gloves and get to work.

      Yes, I made those odd totems. Actually, the group isn’t finished. At the end of the semester, I found two other pieces that I’d put in a cabinet in the studio. The pieces are bisqued, but I’ll need to wait until August to glaze and fire. I hope to situate the pieces together a bit more permanently, though I’m attempting a somewhat haphazard conglomeration of the group, so they don’t need to fit together precisely. I’m happy with the color of the glazes, especially in contrast to the Purple Heart. For once, something turned out like I envisioned!


  2. As usual it is a real treat to see your lovelies. I love the totems. Love them. They really are perfect: great colour, charming personality and the combo of twisty organic shapes with the knobby textures are just right.


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