It Ain’t Braggin’ If It’s True

While not one to participate in Texan braggadocio, I can’t resist passing this on. Texans are known for lots of things, some of which are not necessarily  flattering, but our plot of the Earth is pretty great.

25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Texas


12 thoughts on “It Ain’t Braggin’ If It’s True

  1. Tina, I think you mistakenly deleted what I am sure was the original end of your sentence… “our plot of the Earth is pretty great”. You left out “except in July, August, and parts of September.”.

    We had fun trying to guess each location before scrolling down to reveal the source of each photo. And it does function as a great “must visit” list! Thanks for sharing!


    • Ha ha! Fair point, I guess. It is rather toasty ’round these parts at that time of year. But you can’t deny that the Texas sky is stunning and that those photographs are amazing.

      I had to look up where Benbrook Lake is–10 miles (west, I think it is) of Ft. Worth.

      Glad you enjoyed–I thought it was fun!


    • Those photos were just magnificent. Texas is a really big place–lots of varied topography and climate. There were no photos of the Rio Grande Valley, which to me is one of the least attractive parts of the state, though there are beauties there too. Also, no shots of the upper plains area, where the Panhandle is, also a rather monotonous area, but again, there are some lovely spots. And the Texas sky is something to behold.


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