Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day-February 2012-Roses, Pre-Pruning

I don’t have many roses in my gardens, but during Central Texas’ mild winter, mine have bloomed well, especially these past few weeks.  So, before I prune them back for the year and while I’m still in a flush from Valentine’s Day,  roses are my gift to Bloggers’ Bloom Day for February 2012.  Hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, thanks for the opportunity to post.

My Knockout Rose, (Rosa ‘Radrazz’), has bloomed for the past three weeks with welcomed fragrance and blooms.

The Mutabilis Rose, (Rosa chinensis ‘Mutabilis’) is loaded with its sweet blooms.

‘The Old Gay Hill’ Red China, which I transplanted last year, seems happy in its new spot by the pond and is showing off by blooming up early.

And finally, my ‘Martha Gonzales’ (Rosa ‘Martha Gonzales’)  continues to do what it does all year: bloom.

So, I’ll cut as many as possible to enjoy in the house as I prepare to prune the roses for the coming year of blooms.

What’s blooming where you garden?

2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day-February 2012-Roses, Pre-Pruning

    • Shirley, soggy blooms count!! The Mutabilis is great-remarkably drought resistant and it gets huge, so it’s a good one for a back corner. The frustrating thing about mine (I have two) is that they’re blooming beautifully now, when I need to cut back and I’ve seen few blooms for most of this past year. So, I’m delaying my hard pruning on those a bit. I just don’t have it in me to cut them off.


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