Repairing the World

Gardening is a direct, hands-on way to repair damage to our stressed environment.  By planting for wildlife, refraining from pesticide use, as well as partnering with the everyday beauty of nature by adding flowers and trees, each individual gardener can positively impact the local ecosystem.

My son is a media intern for a nonprofit organization called Collateral Repair Project (CPR), based in Amman, Jordan.   From their website:

Collateral Repair Project is a grassroots effort to bring much-needed assistance to refugees and other victims of war and conflict—those commonly referred to as “collateral damage.” We seek to repair some of this damage and, through these efforts, foster peace and reconciliation.

CPR services (primarily) Syrian and Iraqi families displaced from their homes by war and conflict and living as refugees in Jordan.  CPR has entered the Starbucks Upstanders Challenge,, with hopes of being chosen as one of 25 charitable organizations to receive a $25,000 grant.  CPR created a video for this which you can see here:  The top 40 organizations which receive the most “buzz points” will then be reviewed by a panel of judges, who will choose the 25 recipient organizations.

The video has been up since early Monday morning Amman time (3am to be precise)/ late Sunday evening U.S Central time. As of today, CPR is near the top 40, but not quite there.  If you’re so inclined, please watch the video; if you appreciate the message, “like” it; if you’re on Facebook or Twitter–share at will.  All of these actions could  help propel CPR into the range of organizations which will be considered for the grant.

The deadline for this challenge is October 31.  I don’t have to emphasize how much that  $25,000 would help the Iraqi and Syrian families who are refugees in Jordan. CPR is a worthy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; you don’t have to donate (though that’d be nice!), just watch, like, click and share!

Again, the video:

And because this is a garden blog:

Migrating Monarch sipping from a White mistflower (Ageratina havanensis)

Thank you!


15 thoughts on “Repairing the World

  1. Oh, my. No wonder the luggage was an issue. That was a nice photo and write up about your son, and the video is very well done. I’m not on Facebook so I couldn’t “like” it, but I have passed it on to some of my friends who are, and encouraged them to watch it before the 31st. I hope they make the cut!


    • Thanks so much, Linda–you’re a sweetie! Yeah, one of his bags arrived 2 weeks and a day after he left Austin, the other 2 bags, exactly 3 weeks after he left. But it’s all good now, and again, thanks for viewing and passing it along.

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  2. I’m sorry I just today saw your son’s video, Tina – I would very much support them getting that grant. My dad and his wife house several Syrian refugees and sometimes entire families in Sweden. Of course they are still refugees, and having to deal with all the trauma that got them there, but as refugee lodgings go, I think they are luckier than many. The house they now live in, is surrounded by a lovely garden bordered by a canal, and in a very quaint part of the little town. If I had gone through lots of trauma, I would appreciate surroundings like that when finally in a safe place where I could begin healing. My hat’s off to your son, who helps so many. And, as to the rest of your post – I always admire how you know all those insects by name – very impressive! Great photos, too!


    • No problem, Anna–and huge hugs and kudos to your dad and his wife for their humanity and kindness. Like the refugees you refer to, these families in Jordan are the lucky ones–but they’re still refugees and have needs which aren’t being met. These sweet kids have had their educations severely interrupted and that’s so, so sad. Unfortunately, CPR (Collateral Repair Project) never broke 30,000 views and were not near the top 40 organizations that will receive the grants. I’m still proud of his work, though–as a mama should be. 🙂

      I like learning about the insects, et al, in my garden–but it’s daunting at times.

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  3. Tina I saw your son’s video and it’s “wonderful”. I could not give a like because the deadline was October 31 and today is November 8. But know that you have my unconditional support for the humanitarian work you do. Hopefully the government will grant it. Lots of support for your child. Very special greetings for you Tina from me.


    • Thanks for watching, Margarita. Unfortunately, the CPR video didn’t make the top 40 and so, won’t be in the running for the grant money. But, they received some public relations, and that’s worth something!


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